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Leroyster Saves Christmas 

Twas the week before Christmas
and all the way thru the bay
The oysters swam about and were at play
Admidst them all was a feeling of glee
and the happiness of being free.
Then all of a sudden comes a turbelent noise
"Surely" said one, "Too early for Santa to be dropping toys."
They shut their shells and hid under rocks
went seperate ways as to not be in flocks
Some knew what was happening and were severly stressing
It was AGAIN the time of year for oyster dressing!!
On and on went a terrible commotion
It was harvesters' rakes in a sweeping motion
"Surely", Leroyster sat and thought
"There must be a way to stop the assault".
Someone had to solve this matter, 
or else they'd all end up on someone's platter.
Then, Leroyster remembered a gift he'd gotten by mistake
Last year, Santa had thought his age was 8.
But, as an oyster, its 8 times 6
but Leroyster had saved those 'colored sticks'.
Crayons, Crayons - all those colors in one box - 
Leroyster got an idea to stop the onslaught - 
He took a purple, red, and yellow
smashed 'em, mixed 'em with the water, until they were a runny Jello
He let it loose to the top of the rise - 
when he heard a voice from above - "STOP! There's Red Tide!!"
The harvesters' rakes and water churning did stop
They would have to go elsewhere to find a crop.
All the oysters opened their shells to appear, 
And for Leroyster they let out a thunderous cheer.
Leroyster had certainly saved the day, 
and sea creatures from miles came to give him a parade.
There were clams, shrimp, mussells too,
for Leroyster had saved them also from being soup or stew.
But, Leroyster told them all of the lesson learned - 
"Though you don't see the fire, things still burn.
You never know if the end is near;
So - Make it the best of Christmas'es, and a Happy New Year!!!
-By Mrroyster, 1997.-

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